Head Mounted End-Trim

Head Mounted End-Trim (HMET)

The head mounted end-trim system uses a precision laser sensor to detect the leading and trailing edges of square-cornered panels. On completion of the banding process, the HMET unit is automatically positioned to trim the panel ends flush. As HMET is driven by a rotary servo, angled trimming is supported.
HMET D-Shaped Panel
Processing Multiple Workpieces with HMET

Single Workpiece

  • No programming required, just enable HMET on the control screen
  • Ability to trim corners at any angle
  • Fast, precise, and simple

Multiple or Complex Workpieces

  • Ability to trim more than just two square corners
  • Trim out tabs in a workpiece that have been banded over
  • Tesselate multiple workpieces together and band them all at once, then trim the banding between them
  • Settings can be saved "on-screen" or by using the projection system

Cut Angle

Rotation angle: 0°-360°