Revolution 180

Revolution 180 Contour Edgebander

The Vector Contour Revolution 180 literally turns contour edge-banding on its head and represents the first significant development of machinery in the composite board industry since the development of CNC machining centres some 20 years ago, broadening the scope for these products beyond rectangular panels.
Revolution 180 Transparent

Machine Frame

The load carrying frame structure is fabricated from heavy plate steel and box section. It is extremely rigid and provides a wide stable support for the Y axis. All motion is carried on highest quality linear prismatic bearing rails.

Revolution 180 Transparent

Control System

The patented operating system is controlled by an intuitive icon-based touch screen PC with easy operating interface. The machine requires no programming, with the operator only required to make some simple selections such as the starting position.

Aggregate Assembly

Edge Feed

Another innovation of the VECTOR Revolution 180 is the edge feed mechanism which is mounted above the aggregate and coils around a simple winder mechanism. The edge is continuously fed and remains ready for the next workpiece as soon as the end cutter has cut the end of the previous piece. There is no need for expensive and complex edge feeding units to pre-cut lengths for each workpiece.

Trimmer and Scraper

Trimmer & Surface Scraper

The VECTOR Revolution 180 incorporates into the trimmer unit, a surface scraper. This unit operates using the patented SideWinder system and is performed simultaneously with all other units, thus carrying on the VECTOR Revolution 180 philosophy of simultaneous processing.


Cartridge Glue Nozzle System Allied to Industry Leading Edge Pressure

The cartridge glue nozzle is a closed system which only heats the glue as it is used. From the heated face of the cartridge until it is extruded onto the banding, the glue is not exposed to the atmosphere, thus there is no burning of the glue or discolouration. The original colour of the glue is maintained as are the glue properties.

Projection System

Ease of Setup

Changing from one tape size to another is extremely simple with the operator only having to make a simple positive adjustment to the glue height, feed the new width of tape, and adjust the tape guide height. All else is taken care of by the machine.

Glue height is set by positioning a pin in a hole in the index ring, removing any need for fine adjustment.

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Vacuum Table

The workpieces are supported by means of vacuum cups sitting on a large flat bed. This enables absolute flexibility in positioning pods to ensure the workpiece is held securely.

Join Arm

Edge Joint

The joint of the edge where a complete 360 degree edging is required is controlled by a sensor arm. The speed of approach is automatically reduced at a precise distance from the joint and a sensor accurately detects the beginning of the edge which remained untrimmed at the cycle start. The trim cutter then cuts the edge with a bevel, the edge is applied and the top/bottom trimmed leaving a joint of the highest quality.


End Trimming of Square Cornered Panels

Where square cornered panels are to be processed the VECTOR Revolution 180 uses special EndPODS. These pods incorporate starting and finishing plates which simulate an extension of the workpiece. The advantage of this system is that it gives a reference for the panel placement and equally importantly provides a straight edge to lay down the initial banding.

Revolution 180

Power & Shavings Extraction

The shavings extraction is fully self contained within the machine via a heavy duty 3 phase quiet operating vacuum fan connected to a filter box with an anti-static Teflon coated filter element. The filter box is mounted on the end of the carriage and is easily emptied (usually only once per shift) by moving the head to the left hand end of the machine.

Field Size

  • X dimension 3550mm
  • Y dimension 1830mm

Panel Thickness

  • 16 – 40mm
  • (5 panel sizes to be specified for dosing bar)

Minimum Radius

  • 20mm external (material dependent)
  • 50mm internal (with edge applied)

Edge Thickness

  • Minimum 0.5mm (with accessory thin tape kit)
  • Minimum 1.0mm (for butt joins)
  • Maximum 3.0mm